Val Koganski, MD

Doc, I Need Something Sweet! (Part 2)

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Sugar is BAD! So what can we do to satisfy our sweet tooth without ruining our health? Molasses Molasses is the nutritious part of the sugarcane that’s left behind when sugar is removed. It’s sweet, but also preserves iron, magnesium, potassium and B vitamins. Dark and blackstrap molasses have the highest antioxidant content of refined …

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Is “Healthy” Food Really Healthy For You?

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We’ve been bombarded by information and promotions on TV, Internet and the press by so called “experts” and celebrities to follow this diet or eat only that food, which they consider “healthy”. But just because a food has “healthy” printed on its label or in its advertising, doesn’t mean that the food is actually healthy. …

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Are You Suffering From “Leaky Gut”?

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You’ve probably heard the term “Leaky Gut” mentioned online, in blogs and health-related discussions. You might wonder: What is a “Leaky Gut” and do I have it? The medical term for “Leaky Gut” is increased intestinal permeability. What are possible symptoms of this disease? Bloating, belching, excess gas, recurrent heartburn and acid reflux or irritable …

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Ketogenic Diet: A New Fad Or Forgotten Cure?

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Have you heard of the “KETO” Diet (another name for a ketogenic diet)? Some people swear it saved their life and made them feel better, others claim it increased their cholesterol so much, that their cardiologist almost had a heart attack. The classic Ketogenic Diet is composed primarily of fat (80-90%), with the remainder filled …

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Save Yourself From Toxins

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Unfortunately modern life is full of toxins. Pollution contributes to the epidemic of chronic disease, like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, thyroid imbalances, bowel disorders and allergies. Toxins come to us from air, water, food, health and beauty products. We are intentionally poisoning ourselves by smoking, taking drugs, drinking too much alcohol, even consuming some …

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