Medical News Update For June 2017

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Let’s review how the environment affects us:

We are all surrounded by products that contain phthalates, including perfume, hairspray, soap, shampoo, nail polish, and skin moisturizers. They are used in consumer products such as flexible plastic and vinyl toys, shower curtains, wallpaper, vinyl floors and blinds, food packaging, and plastic wrap. Recently published data shows that early-life exposure to certain phthalates is linked to lowered thyroid function in young girls and affects child cognitive outcomes. [1]

The tobacco industry’s most recent response to documented harms of cigarette smoking was to launch a new “heat-not-burn” tobacco cigarettes IQOS (I-Quit-Ordinary-Smoking), which are disposable tobacco sticks soaked in propylene glycol. Researchers found that smoke released by them contains 84% of the nicotine found in traditional cigarettes, but has chemicals linked to cancer in much higher concentrations than conventional cigarettes. [2]

Another report shows that cigarette filters increase the risk of adenocarcinoma, the most common form of lung cancer. Filters were designed to reduce the amount of tar that smokers inhale, but the study’s senior author stated that “The design of cigarette filters, which have ventilation can make the cigarettes even more dangerous, because those holes can change how the tobacco burns, allowing smokers to inhale more smoke, while erroneously thinking that the smoke is safer, because it is smoother.” [3]

Research presented at the American Thoracic Society also suggests that air pollution may be a predictor of poor sleep. [4]

But we have some good news:

For osteoarthritis sufferers, researchers have found that those who ate the most fiber reported reduced osteoarthritis knee pain by up to 60%. [5]

Danish investigators confirmed that eating chocolate is good for your heart and decreases the chances of developing an irregular heartbeat, like atrial fibrillation. [6]

Also for coffee and tea lovers! Enjoy it! Drinking more than 3 cups a day helps your liver. [7]

Never underestimate the benefits of Extra Virgin olive oil! In addition to all the benefits for your heart, it can also prevent brain cancer. [8]

Probiotics in the news again! Patients taking a probiotic regularly had a lower prevalence of gestational diabetes while pregnant, including women with a previous diabetic history. There was also a decrease in serious maternal and post-birth adverse events and complications. [9]

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