Save Yourself From Toxins

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Unfortunately modern life is full of toxins. Pollution contributes to the epidemic of chronic disease, like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, thyroid imbalances, bowel disorders and allergies.

Toxins come to us from air, water, food, health and beauty products. We are intentionally poisoning ourselves by smoking, taking drugs, drinking too much alcohol, even consuming some over-the-counter and prescription medications, as well as supplements.

What can we do to minimize the exposure?

Decrease air pollution:

  1. Instal air purifiers or HEPA filters on your air conditioning system or at least in your bedroom
  2. Change filters regularly, as recommended by the manufacturer
  3. Clean, dust, and vacuum frequently (do not forget to change HEPA filters in your vacuum)
  4. Keep your house dry; search for and eliminate any mold damage
  5. Remove shoes before entering the house
  6. Use fragrance-free, natural household cleaners, low in solvents
  7. Use non-toxic, lead free paint
  8. Do not spray stain-resistant or fire-retardant chemicals on furniture and closing

Decrease food-borne toxins:

  1. Eat primarily organic food
  2. If organic is not available, choose foods from the Environmental Working Group Clean 15, and avoid Dirty Dozen
  3. Buy from local farmers and ask them what chemicals/pesticides they use
  4. Try to grow your own food or join a local food cooperative
  5. Avoid processed food, soft drinks and soda
  6. Avoid foods with additives and synthetic preservatives. Read all labels: if you do not know the origin of the ingredient, don’t buy it
  7. Avoid prepared and packaged food in plastic or cans
  8. Do not use plastic containers, instead look for glass, ceramic or paper
  9. Avoid Teflon and aluminum cookware, instead use iron cast, ceramic or stainless steel
  10. Limit fried, charbroiled, smoked, grilled or barbecued meat

Decrease water-borne toxins;

  1. Periodically check your water for heavy metals and other pollutants
  2. Use water purifiers and filters
  3. Avoid drink water from plastic bottles containing BPA, especially in the summer time

Decrease toxins effect on the skin:

1. Wear natural fibers

2. Avoid antibacterial soaps

3. Read the labels on your skin care products. Avoid:

  • phthalates and parabens in moisturizers
  • sulfate, fragrances, and petroleum by-products such as propylene glycol

4. Use non-toxic alternatives, like:

  • castile soap
  • coconut and palm oil as moisturizers
  • shampoo with organic natural ingredients

And of course remember that most medications and supplements (if not taken correctly) could be toxic to your health.

Talk to your healthcare provider about all the prescription and nonprescription remedies that you are taking.

Yes, all the supplements and herbs act like drugs!

For more specific recommendations on a healthy lifestyle, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Koganski at 215-750-7000 or


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