The Benefits Of Coconut Oil

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Recently I’ve been asked by my patients about coconut oil. Is it beneficial to our health or detrimental, because it is a saturated fat?

First, FAT has been redeemed recently in the largest epidemiological PURE study. It was an 18-country study that followed 135,335 individuals for 7 years to examine associations between diet and total mortality, cardiovascular mortality (death from a heart attack or stroke), cardiovascular events (number of heart attacks and strokes), and non-cardiovascular mortality.

Overall, the study found that diets very high in carbohydrates (>60%), and therefore low in fat, were associated with a statistically significantly higher risk of DEATH. There was also a significantly observed protective effect of total fat, both on total and non-cardiovascular deaths. As well as an interesting protective effect of total and saturated fat on the risk of stroke. [1]

I guess it’s time to reconsider our dietary recommendations!

Now let’s review the data on Coconut oil, which has the highest content of saturated fat among plants.

The known benefits of Coconut Oil include:

  • Anti-inflammatory pain reliever, including in patients with arthritis [2]
  • Anti-microbial effect [3]
  • Anti-oxidant [4]
  • Better improvements weight loss compared with olive oil [5]
  • Lowers lipid levels in serum and tissues, LDL (bad cholesterol), oxidation (stickiness that causes cholesterol aggregation in the vessels), and helps with abdominal obesity [6]
  • Can help to stimulate and improve the brain’s capacity to learn and categorize information. The omegas fatty acids can help reduce mental conditions like depression, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, and dementia [7,8]
  • Protects liver from the toxins [9]
  • Prevents bone loss in osteoporosis [10]
  • And many more, in addition to the various uses skin products

Enjoy it!

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