Are You Suffering From “Leaky Gut”?

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You’ve probably heard the term “Leaky Gut” mentioned online, in blogs and health-related discussions. You might wonder: What is a “Leaky Gut” and do I have it? The medical term for “Leaky Gut” is increased intestinal permeability. What are possible symptoms of this disease? Bloating, belching, excess gas, recurrent heartburn and acid reflux or irritable […]

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The Benefits Of Pomegranates

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Are pomegranates really the super food we’ve been led to believe? Will it counteract the aging process? YES! This ancient fruit helps to restore the vitality of damaged and aging cells, seen in degenerative disorders like Alzheimer Dementia and Parkinson disease. [1] The health benefits of pomegranates for treating degenerative diseases are widely recognized in

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The Benefits Of Coconut Oil

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Recently I’ve been asked by my patients about coconut oil. Is it beneficial to our health or detrimental, because it is a saturated fat? First, FAT has been redeemed recently in the largest epidemiological PURE study. It was an 18-country study that followed 135,335 individuals for 7 years to examine associations between diet and total

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Medical News Update For June 2017

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Let’s review how the environment affects us: We are all surrounded by products that contain phthalates, including perfume, hairspray, soap, shampoo, nail polish, and skin moisturizers. They are used in consumer products such as flexible plastic and vinyl toys, shower curtains, wallpaper, vinyl floors and blinds, food packaging, and plastic wrap. Recently published data shows

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Nightshade Veggies – Are They Good Or Bad For You?

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You’ve probably have heard the term “nightshade” vegetables. Some people think they are life saving plants, others consider them poisonous. Nightshades belong to a scientific family of plants called Solanaceae, which include several thousand species of flowering plants, and most of these plants are not edible as food. However, there are a good number of

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Updates On The Fiber

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We know about the multiple benefits of the fiber in our diet from weight management to heart disease. Dietary fiber comes from plants. It is the portion of a plant that is not digested by our enzymes present in the digestive tract but that may be digested by the microorganisms that inhabit the intestines. The

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