Month: December 2016

Happy Senior Couple again

How To Pick The Right Probiotic

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I am sure you’ve heard this before: “Everybody needs to take probiotics. And our brand is exactly what you need.” What are the probiotics? They are live microorganisms that confer a health benefit on the host (you) when administered in adequate amounts. To experience sufficient health benefits from probiotic supplementation, it’s important to understand which …

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Discussing with doctor

Updates On The Fiber

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We know about the multiple benefits of the fiber in our diet from weight management to heart disease. Dietary fiber comes from plants. It is the portion of a plant that is not digested by our enzymes present in the digestive tract but that may be digested by the microorganisms that inhabit the intestines. The …

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Is It Safe To Drink Diet Soda?

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One of the highlights on Huffington post website recently: “… one strange thing about diet soda is that the people who drink it are actually more likely to have larger waist sizes (a measure of belly fat) than those who drink regular soda. Diet soda drinkers are also more likely to have type 2 diabetes …

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Popular Diets And Nutrition: Prevention of Chronic Diseases

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I’d like to share a huge non-secret with you: “Poor diet is a major contributor to the leading causes of chronic diseases and death in the United States, including coronary heart disease, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and stroke”. [1] Although it is true that the obesity and chronic disease epidemics have complicated origins, the contribution of our …

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